Meet Dr. Cleveland

Lolita grew up on the South Side of Chicago, where she witness many friends and families struggle without having the basic necessities to live and many faced other social ills. She used this information to assist her in achieving her dream of serving others in need. She has earned her Doctorate of Theology which she received from the Empowerment Theological Institute and Bible Seminary. In 2013, she completed her Master’s Degree in Public Administration conferred by Walden University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Grambling State University.

Lolita is the founder of “The Open Hands Project”, which is designed to assist entrepreneurs and ministries bridge their purpose with local and global humanitarian efforts to address spiritual needs, medical needs, water shortage, education and homelessness. Lolita has used her compassion to help businesses with their charitable and philanthropic objectives.

Lolita currently serves as business coach where she captivates the minds and hearts of aspiring, new and established business owners by providing them with sustainable business tools. She is also an adjunct professor who leads her classrooms with passion and purpose. She is the author of Next Level Evangelism Training Manual and a Co-author of Moments in HerStory: From Pain to Purpose I and II.

Since 2006 she has dedicated her free time to humanitarian mission efforts in Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, India, Trinidad & Tobago, and Africa. Always a visionary, Lolita’s passion is community, she serves on the board of directors for PEER Plus Advocates and Diadem International. Lolita was awarded the Marketplace Pioneer Award from The Kingdom Empowerment International Covenant Fellowship of Churches for her exemplary service to the marketplace community. Lolita is a highly sought after trainer and speaker both nationally and internationally. She targets transformational business because she believes that investing in people, positively impacts lives so that hope and possibilities become change and new realities.