Client Reviews

Pastor Diane Saunders Founder
Circle Ruth Women's Ministry - Chicago, IL

Lolita  has truly been a God send. She has utilized her gifts and talents in order to help my ministry improved in business strategies and administration. Her customer service is exceptional, her dedication is like no other and she definitely challenges you to move your business, stay focus and to be realistic. I would recommend any new business, nonprofit or ministry to her without reservation.  

Karen Tyler
In His Care Ministries - LasVegas, NV

It has been an absolute pleasure having a partnership with Lolita Cleveland.  She dived right in during our first consultation that was about an hour long.  While we spoke, she would stop and say, oh, hold on, this is who you need to talk to, let me get his number.”  This happened several times during our conversation and I literally had two pages of information and things to follow up on by the end of our conversation. Lolita is very resourceful and organized as evidenced by her taking a split second to look up and provide contacts.  She isn’t just resourceful within a small area in Chicago, but within the surrounding suburbs (north, south, east and west), within the United States as well as within other countries.

Yvonne Lovelady
Love & Care Outreach International Ministry
- Chicago, IL

I am so glad that I was referred to Lolita Cleveland. I had no idea how to get started with my business. With all her knowledge, she was able to help me get started with the basics. She took out time for me and she was very patient. She assisted me with setting up plans/goals for me to complete. I even signed up for one of her ministry trainings in Evangelism called, “Ways to Evangelize effectively”. This was so helpful to me. I would recommend others to her. She is someone definitely someone you should know. What an awesome person who is compassionate about what she does!  

Shanda Lezine, Founder and President
A Platform to Heaven
- Chicago, IL

CRUMB Enterprises, has been a true blessing to me, and my company. With their high competency of non-profit and administration along with dedication to their clients, CRUMB Enterprises has excelled far over my expectations. CRUMB Enterprises is committed to helping their clients find their way, by helping them establish the best organization possible. No short cuts, but true devotion and commitment are what you are guaranteed to get. 

Malike Ayouba, Founder
Inductor of Healing - Forest Park, IL

Lolita has been the backbone of my massage business. Her knowledge has helped me in various aspects. She coached me on how to start my business, gave me great ideas for marketing, and she holds me accountable for my business decisions . She will work with you to build a unique business model which will be to your own advantage.

Dr. A. Dejean
Dejean W.E.L.L.ness, CA

“I was beyond impressed with my experience with Lolita. My first contact with Lolita, I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like Lolita. The first point of contact is crucial! Lolita provided me with tools, ideas, concepts that help launch my business in a position to obtain greater growth. She definitely removed the day to day stress away from me and trained my staff. I would highly recommend her"

Dr. Carolyn Ransom-Champion
M.O.K.L. - Chicago, IL

“ Crumb Enterprises Consulting, under the leadership of Dr. Lolita Cleveland, serviced me and my business (s) above and beyond my expectations. Ms. Cleveland’s ability to partner with the needs and vision of my for-profit as well as my non –for-profit as though she was there at the genesis of their development, is a reflection of her God given ability to be a bridge that transports purpose to meet destiny. She is a walking resource with an unrivaled wealth of knowledge in relation to organizational structure and development. Dr. Cleveland operates in a spirit of excellence, integrity, and moral standards. I will continue to utilize her services and I recommend her to any business that is serious about their being propelled to its next level…"

Lanessa Brooks
Lanessa Brooks Enterprises

“Crumb Enterprises is heaven sent. I had no clue on how to do business, let alone how to legally do business or become an owner. I knew that I had something to change the lives of people, but that’s it. 

When I began working with Dr. Cleveland and Crumb Enterprises, they helped me step by step. As with anything new that you want to develop it can become frustrating, Crumb managed to assign small task in part that before I knew it I had completed much more than I realized. They have a heart for people and a desire to see you WIN. The patience and understanding that they demonstrate is the icing on the cake. With helping create tangible deadlines I was able to legally get my business in order. I also was able to start promoting my business via social media Because of the simple steps that Crumb Enterprises had me to follow. 

They are extremely knowledgeable in business start up along with several other resources that they offer, you will not only walk away with your business in tact but also have the knowledge to maintain you business legally.  Crumb teaches you.... that’s right you learn what it takes to build your business and maintain the proper documentation. 

If you haven’t already ask for a consultation I promise you won’t be disappointed."