Learn how to ignite your passion for business with a humanitarian hand to impact others

The Open Hand Project Experience

Many of you are just like me, you run a successful business or looking to start a successful business and your heart wants to give back to the community, the neighborhood that you grew up in or even help those internationally that is face with many social, emotional, medical tribulations and more that you do not have to face.

The average person gets hundreds of ideas a day to help someone else. Some of those ideas can bring great joy and life transformation to many. Ask yourself: What do you do with an idea to serve others and operate a successful business? How can I help others while I grow my business? I will help you take your passion for business and bridge it with your heart to serve others in order to bring joy to those in need.

The Open Hands Project Experience allows you the opportunity to assist others locally and globally through outreach efforts in the areas of medical, education and hunger along with the ability to support a cause for shoes, shelters, homelessness and other basic needs for those less fortunate.

I will help you align and refine your business with your humanitarian purpose! The REAL question is WILL YOU DO IT?

After today! No more saying “I’ll help when I make more money”, No more saying, “If I could only get someone to help me”, No more saying, “I don’t think I can help”, No more saying, “My business is not a fit”. I know you can!
All hands “TOGETHER” can change a future